Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kiscol TMT bars

Who am I?: I am a builder or an engineer or an architect or a mason. I am someone who wants to be sure about what I am buying and why I am buying it. I want to validate my claim clearly to my client and ensure he doesn't doubt my credibility. I want to be seen as a person who does a thorough research on the products I am buying and someone who considers a lot of parameters before making any decision on purchase. I commit to the brands which I believe in.

Product in consideration: TMT bars for construction project.

The ad: An actress, who's known for nothing but her glamourous roles, is endorsing a brand of TMT BARS. Yes your read it right.

Watch the video here:

Why I am not going for this product, simply based on this ad?:
  • Namitha and TMT Bars??? like seriously??!!
  • The things that come to my mind when I think about TMT bars - tensile strength, robustness, brown and grey colours, long structure, hi rise buildings, heavy engineering.
  • The things that come to my mind when I think about Namitha - sensuality, glamour, non-performance based movie roles, item songs, skimpy cloths, sultry looks.
  • Now it is a simple case of match the following. Can you even try??
  • Amidst the heated up debate of using women as a mere sex objects in movies and ads, 
One other brand used Sharath Kumar, An apt and brilliant choice. He is an action hero, known for his tough physique and ruggedness. I can associate TMT bars to his personality.

Let's take a similar product for comparison. Y. Gee Mahendran, endorsing Beston pumps is perfectly acceptable. Can You think of Namitha again endorsing a pump brand?? Infact pumps atleast can be considered a B2C product, unlike TMT bars. The answer again is 'not really'!

If the makers of this ad expect me to buy a heavy engineering product based on Namitha's line "Machans marandhidadheenga.. Kiss, kiss, Kiscol..", I am really sorry.

Verdict: Wrong choice of Celebrity for endorsement!!! Not everything can be sold with glamour..

On the other hand, if the sole intention of the owners of the brand was to just popularize it and associate the product with a face, so people would remember it, though not necessarily for the right reasons, then god forbid!

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